9 March 2017

The offer of rental housing in Prague exceeds the demand

How did you find out about Flatio?
I am responsible for short-term renting of flats at the company where I work. It is necessary to fill the vacancies, even out of season, and that is why I have started looking for new possibilities. And that is also when I found out about Flatio and medium-term renting. I read some more about it and got interested.

Fotka uživatele Evgeny Silokhin.How do you feel about the current situation regarding flat rentals in Prague?
In general, I think that the offer exceeds the demand. The prices are going up and so is the number of flats. We ourselves are starting a project with new flats at the moment, and there is a lot of such projects in Prague, so the competition is tougher as well. However, if your offer is good, you do not have to worry for now. I have even read somewhere that the Holešovice district was selected as one of the best locations in the world by travellers from around the world. It is close to the centre, full of restaurants and cafés.

Do you also notice offers, where the price does not correspond with reality?
Absolutely. I have seen offers of flats, for which the owners wanted as much as 20 000 CZK, even though they were not furnished or cleaned, which in that case does not make sense. The price should correspond with the quality of the accommodation.

How do you feel about the concept of medium-term rentals?
I think it is a good idea. It is a novelty I have heard about only recently. As I have mentioned, it is important mainly out of season – in January and February, the first half of March, also November and December, when there is a problem with short-term rental vacancies. It made me curious and the management is of course interested as well.

What is your attitude towards the technological advances in real-estate? We at Flatio provide, for example, VR inspections of the flats.
I know, we got a gift from Flatio – VR goggles. We have tried the device, it is really beautiful and it works. To assemble the goggles was not as difficult as we had feared. The gift really surprised us and made us happy. We ourselves would like to introduce VR flat inspections in the future. For now, I have not seen them anywhere else apart from Flatio.

As a foreigner, how do you find living and working in Prague?
Since I have come to Prague in 2009, the city has changed a lot, I have to say. It is a different city today, with different prices, opportunities and future. People travel more and for longer periods of time. My living here has been a pleasant experience, I like it here a lot.

8 March 2017

8 activities you can do on a tour of the apartment in virtual reality

Have you heard about tours of flats in virtual reality. Read what benefits it brings!

8 activities you can do on a tour of the apartment in virtual reality:

1) Lying in bed

The bed is the best thing at home. There you can sleep, read, work and sometimes have a breakfast. So why not to check you future flat to let from your bed?

2) Have a bath
With a tour in virtual reality you can check out the flat even during your bath. But beware that the glasses do not fall into the water. Your mobile phone probably would not have been happy.

3) Have a breakfast

Are you in a hurry and need to go to a tour of the apartment? You are able to handle it during you breakfast with a roll in your hand thanks to tours in VR.

4) Wait for your "honey"
Are you going out, to the cinema or dinner with your love? You can easily spend a time of waiting with a tour in virtual reality.

5) Go to the party
It is not a good idea to be drunk on a tour of the apartment. But it is possible with a tour in VR. The question is if you will remember it.

6) Show it to your family and friends
Show your future flat to your friends, grandmother, parents and cousins. It was not possible with classic tour. You can show it to absolutely everyone, anytime, anywhere and anyhow with a tour in VR.

7) Travel by tram
Are you going to work or school? Make a travel in tram or bus funny and go on a tour of the apartment in VR. You save a time and environment because of public transportation!

8) Walk out the dog
You can even walk out your dog during the tour of the apartment in VR. But watch out! You could knock out a pole or step into something stinking.

27 February 2017

What to do with glasses for virtual reality?

Virtual reality is slowly but surely come into various fields of human life. Movies and games are not a surprise. But on Flatio, we incorporate virtual reality to real estate market! Do you have glasses for virtual reality? If not, read why you should have it!

Before we start talking about various utilization of glasses for VR, it is important to mention where you can actually buy it. Try for example Ebay.com. There you find a selection of various types of glasses for VR.

1) Virtual Tours in virtual reality
Since January 2017, you can try virtual tours in virtual reality on Flatio. The aim of the project is to make virtual tours on Flatio more realistic and also allow people around the world to select and check out chosen apartment. Moreover, it is much more enjoyable and you don't have to go anywhere and spend you time.  

2) Games in virtual reality
Lots of applications are available in virtual reality, but we do not have still enough VR games. For example, you can try the Cardboard VR Runner, the game where you run away from the giant spider.. Ride on a roller coaster through the forest in the game Roller Coaster VR. Fight zombies in Zombie Shooter VR or swing on a big swing in Crazy Swing VR. Have a fun!

3) Movies in virtual reality
Watching movies in virtual reality is so funny. The problem is that it is hard for your eyes. It depends on the quality of you glasses! Watching movies using glasses for VR is classical 3D. Personally, I do not have much experience, but check out for example this special YouTube channel with videos in the VR.

4) Virtual Travel
Virtual trevelling is very popular. The most interesting for me is the usage of VR in Google Street View. Google Maps was update and now it is posssible to view all images from Street View via glasses for VR. Explore your city or enjoy your virtul trip in Asia :)

16 December 2016

Prague by the local - discover this beautiful city!

Are you sure you know Prague well? Let´s have a look at the different Prague areas. After reading this article you may find that Prague is still unknown place for you.

Výsledek obrázku pro praha centrumLet´s start with city center which is famous for its unique medieval architecture, fine-dining restaurants, cultural and real Prague life. My tip for you: start with a walk to discover the heart of Prague and get lost on the Kampa Island, walk throught the park to the famous Kampa Museum and think about the sense of life in front of the Lennon Wall.

Výsledek obrázku pro praha karlínKarlín has changed a lot in the recent years thanks to the ambitious development projects.This modern and progressive Prague disctrict is full of offices, cool restaurants and cafés. Do not miss this area because we are talking about the center of business in Prague. Karlín is super and hyper modern face of Prague.

Výsledek obrázku pro praha nový smíchov
Smichov is located on the west bank of Vltava river and there are two main reasons to visit this part of Prague: shopping centers Novy Smichov and Andel and the Staropramen Brewery. So do not hesitate to go for shopping and se the production of Czech beer.

Výsledek obrázku pro praha holešovice výstavištěIn Holešovice you can try really unique experience: let the incredible water show Krizik Fountain enchant you, go to see modern art in Trade Fair Palace of National Gallery in Prague, have a cup of good coffee and some good snack in Bistro 8 and enjoy a movie night in art house cinema Bio Oko. Holešovice will show you the creativity of Prague city life.

Výsledek obrázku pro praha dejvice
Do you want to know where is the largest concentration of foreigns living in Prague? Dejvice – international district full of embassies and its gorgeous residences. From Dejvice district you can get directly to the Stromovka, the largest park in Prague. I am sure you will love it!

Enjoy Prague and have a great Advent time with a cup of spiced mulled wine in your hand.

Author: Jarka Kolářová

15 December 2016

Virtual reality for everybody!

Visit the world of virtual reality. Everything what you need are glassess for virtual reality and your smartphone. You can play games, watch videos, use applications or even browse the apartment that you want to rent, only with your mobile phone and special glasses for virtual reality.

Not so long ago, it was possible to buy the first glassess for virtual reality. and try the first VR games and applications. Unsurprisingly, Flatio also start to take an interest in this and now you can see the first virtual tour adapted to glassess for virtual reality.

"We are creating virtual tours of apartments from the beggining of Flatio and their adaptation to virtual reality with using these special glasses have been planned for a long time. Now it is technically possible. Currently we are recreating all virtual tours of apartments to special format for virtual reality. Everything what you need are glassess which combines two images into one and your smartphone which supports this format, " I found out from our dear ITs.

You can move in virtual world by movements of your head. In addition, modern phones have a built-in gyroscopes and know where are you looking. For example, if you want to get to another room you will look into the chosen icon or arrow for a longer time, mobile phone detects this and moves you to the next room. Simply magical.

Check our converted virtual tour. You need only a smartphone and glassess for virtual reality. On the phone you can see the icon in the lower left corner. Yout have to click on it to switch virtual tour to virtual reality. Then insert the phone into the glasses and that's it. Have a fun.

How much does it cost?

Special glassess for virtual reality with lots of gadgets can cost around 200 €. But don't cry. It is possible to buy it much cheaper. Quality glassess for virtual reality are available for 20 €. It is not everything, you can also buy for example Google cardboards glassess, which costs aroung 3 €. 

Welcome to the future!

11 November 2016

Taste of tradition. Discover an excellent Czech cuisine

If you visit a different country you will discover it through its artists, architects, design, art and food. And I think today is a perfect day to taste some of the Czech specialities.

First of all I introduce you some of the most famous and traditional dishes which are regularly prepared in almost all Czech families. I will not lie to you – traditional Czech cuisine is not light and diet. But when eating a heavier meal, you are supposed to have a beer, because it should help the digestion process. I´m Czech, I was born in the land of the best beer in the world, so you can trust me! A glass of beer can be great gastronomic complement to any Czech speciality.

We usually start with soup. Beginning a meal with a soup help us warm our body and prepare stomach for main course. I recommend you to try potato soup (bramboračka), traditional Christmas soup - carp soup (rybí polévka). And I reveal you a Czech secret – after drinking all night the best meal is garlic soup (česnečka).

Traditional Czech main courses are primarily based on meat (pork, beef), seasonal vegetables nad potatoes. And dumplings – bread dumplings, potato dumplings. Let´s try roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with dumplings (svíčková). It´s usually served with a portion of whipping cream and cranberry compote. Other is roast pork with dumplings and sauerkraut (vepřo knedlo zelo) and roast duck with dumplings and sauerkraut (pečená kachna se zelím a knedlíky). For vegetarian Czech cuisine can offer dill sauce with boiled egg and potatoes or dumplings. And of course with a glass of beer. alternatively enjoy a glass of Moravian wine. Our winemakers start to make great wines.

Roast sirloin in sour cream sauce with bread dumplings

Roast pork with potato dumplings and sauerkraut 

Do not leave the table without having a sweet taste to finish your meal. We are maybe a small country, but it is certainly plenty to choose from – potato cones with poppy seeds (bramborové šišky s mákem), semolina porridge with cinnamon or fruit dumplings filled with seasonal fruit.

Fruit dumplings

That´s not all. I prepared for you a list of 3 Prague restaurants with traditional Czech cuisine:

Enjoy a special occassion in the beautiful restaurant U Modré Kachničky: You can choose from the menu full of traditional and refined flavours. I absolutely recommend their degustation menu – I am sure you will fall in love with.

Enjoy a wide selection of beers and dishes in the smallest Czech restaurant brewery U Medvídků. Discover the atmosphere of the 15th century house with glass of their speciality – X-Beer 33, the strongest beer of the world.

Become a Prague citizen and try real pub atmosphere where are no tourists. Hotinec U Mrtvýho ptáka. Karlín district, closed to the Florenc station. Menu at reasonable prices, authentic atmosphere. You have to see it!

Enjoy your meal!

Author: Jarka Kolářová

8 November 2016

Interview with Mr. Adam Trávník about investment apartments and renting

Few days ago, I was doing interview with one of the owners who offer their flats on Flatio. Mr. Adam Trávník is the founder of company Friends Forever, which deals with private financial consultancy. Mr. Trávník is specialist in finances, which clearly illustrates the orientation of his own company and previous work experience. We talked about the topic of flats for investment and their experience with renting.

How long are you renting your flats?
In fact, I am renting only half a year. But one apartment where I grew up, is rented for two years. It is a long-term renting to my friend for no profit. So, it is half a year, I bought two apartments, and now I'm going to buy a third one.

Please, tell me more about your flats to rent (disposition or their location)?
I bought the first apartment in Vysočany (part of Prague). It's a studio apartment, 27 m2. Studios have usually constant value and it is very important for me. Additionally, it is ideal for renting, renovation or sale in the future. The studio was bought, then was reconstructed and rented in the week for long term. At that moment I also bought a second apartment that I offer on Flatio. It is a 2 bedroom apartment on the ground floor. I bought it for a very attractive price.

Your flats are primarily for investment. What is your opinion on buying the investment flats these days?
It depends on what do you want to buy. The apartments are for sale for extremely high prices now. You must have a luck, wait for the right moment and then be fast in the decision. Currently, housing prices grew mainly due to low interest rates of mortgages. In addition, it is not complicated to get mortage now. As I said, it depends on offer. But what I would recommend: "Don't be in a hurry!"

Do you expect some future improvement in this situation in Prague?
Yes, definitely. This period was strange. Almost everybody could get a mortgage. The situation is changing these days and that affects the price of some real estate. So prices may fall. I suppose this especially at block of flats. City apartments and studio apartments have their price usually stable.

You mentioned that you are going to buy another apartment. How does it look like? Where it is?
I will buy a third apartment in the center. I would like to rent it for short term on Airbnb. I don't have any experience with shorterm renting, so I am planning to give it to my friend who cares about more apartments. 

Is it easy for you to manage your flat to rent on Flatio?
Flatio is very interesting for me, because it is not so demanding. So it's no problem hanging on to manage myself.

I meet some owners, who care a lot about their flat equipment and design. Some owners managed it by themselves and some hired architect for flat design. What did you choose? How much did it cost?
The studio is completely refurbished (painting, flooring, bathroom, kitchen). Overall, it costs around 100 000 CZK. The second apartment was too much colorfull, green and purple walls, so it was completely repainted. There are also s new floors and furniture. Floors I solved a lot. Originally I wanted to lino, which I liked very much. Renovation of the second apartment wasn't so expensive, most of the money was invested in furniture and equipment. In the third apartment, I plan to hire a designer. It is a small space, so I wanted to somehow cleverly resolved it.

What don't you like in the process of renting (tours, passing the keys, contract cleaning ...)?
I'm tired of administration, rewriting energy and services. I never had some problem with untidy apartment or something like this.

On the contrary, what do you appreciate?
I like all the process, because it was so fast in every case. I hope it will be ok in the future too. 

Author: Lenka Libichová